About the MCL Group (MCL Software/TeamSOVNAT)

This is the official site of MCL Software, a non-professional software development group started on February 14, 2014.

Our projects include PogoBijoux, XtreemNodes, XtreemTest, BetterCraft, Adsurv, XtreemSex, CubeSoft Testing, "Where Is Home?", and SovNat-GBI.

About Migdyn

This site also serves as the personal site of Migdyn, the founder of the MCL project.

Migdyn/FMoS/Temp1/Temp2/TEMPx86* , the founder of MCL Software, and the primary editor of this site. I used to be a somewhat active member of Cube Software, however I haven't contributed to any one of they're projects since early 2023 in any significant capacity.

* I also go by many different generic-sounding names on the Internet, such as Robert, Jacob, or Connor, none of these are my real name.


I dislike most modern proprietary software (anything made in the last 15 years or so), and from what I've observed, proprietary software has been steadily degrading in quality since the early 2000's, and most software made in the 2010's or later is nearly unusable because of how bloated and dumbed down it is.

I am in favor of developing new technology using machine learning and I hate Luddites who are trying to push back against ongoing technological progress; those Luddites have infiltrated many influential circles, such as Hollywood movie studios, resulting in the SAG-AFTRA protests, I am against copyright in its current form, I also do not consider the copying of non-tangible works or ideas to be theft.

Things I like

Things I dislike